perjantai 29. elokuuta 2008

Kriton's Scared Money Video

This video was made by my brother, for my bad ass crew Kriton High School Bangers. But it has a lot my graphics in it. And we collaborated with the script as well, so i figured i need to link it to my blog as well. Get scared wid it homies.

torstai 28. elokuuta 2008

Al Ripken Jr / Fo Da Cycle EP

Stuffs i did for Al Ripken Jr, a bmore club producer from Baltimore (where elese?). Includes vinyl 12" labels and digital release label. And more to come in the future.

(Note: that's a photo of the actual 12" single, not the graphics file)

Hennyman mixtape

yeah, we had a laugh...

Buddy Leezle / Hipster Jesus

A mixtape-cd-cover i did for my main man Buddy Leezle (San Fran), the original hipster Jesus.

You Belong To The City

Massive Kriton Archive

Ooo yea, i seem to have done a few graphics for Kriton.


This was some funny stuff i did for my my favorite aussie NagaMarque's cd. Good help from my bro, who originally drew the squid. The gif animation is for Naga-myspace. Kriton music, limited edition, extreme noise outburts!!

Big Pimpin Mixtapes

Two mixtape graphics i did for DJ Henrikki - first a cd, the second a digital release.

keskiviikko 27. elokuuta 2008

Big Pimpin Archive

This is all the flyers i've done for my homeboy Henrikki's club BIG PIMPIN, running from 2006 and still going strong. At the infamous We Got Beef, of course.